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Our approach to consulting is rigorous, data driven, and practical



We combine in-depth qualitative and rigorous quantitative analyses, focus on buyer decision logic and processes – not just value analysis – and deliver practical solutions that can be implemented in the real world. Also, our partners do the work.

We approach each assignment in four phases:

1. Understand
  • What is the market and competitive context?
  • What is your corporate or divisional vision and strategy?
  • What is the current pricing situation?
  • How well does the current pricing strategy/ approach meet corporate needs?
  • How does it compare to benchmarks/market norms?
  • Does it capture the full value of the offering?
  • Is it flexible to adapt to changing market conditions?
  • How well is the pricing approach being implemented? Is there a process?
  • Who is in charge of pricing?


  • Internal and external interviews
  • Internal data mining
  • Focus groups
  • Choice modeling
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Secondary research


3. Solve
  • Optimal price strategy
  • Segmentation
  • Offer configuration/pricing
  • Price Structure
  • Price engine/level
  • Discounting strategy
  • Monetization options
  • Life-cycle strategies
  • Financial impact
  • Risk analysis


  • Segmentation Maps
  • Bundle Configurator
  • Customer Risk Model
  • Discount Scorecard
  • Introductory phases of adoption model
  • Offer configuration “wizard”
2. Analyze
  • Where are the monetization and value capture opportunities?
  • What is optimal price segmentation?
  • Where is the value? What about the value of brand?
  • How does it compare to competition?
  • What are the price drivers?
  • What is the optimal offer configuration?
  • What is the best unit of measure?
  • What is the demand curve in the market?
  • Are there any “quick hits”, such as surcharges or monetization of intellectual property?


  • Quantitative customer database analyses
  • Advanced analytics such as multi-variant regression
  • Price-value mapping
  • Price-driver analysis
  • Demand curve
  • What-if scenario planning
4. Implement
  • Implementation and process planning
  • Communication
  • Organizational/compensation changes
  • What needs to be observed/measured/responded to on an ongoing basis?
  • Information transfer mechanisms to ensure this happens
  • Beta Testing
  • Roll-out phasing


  • We will design and build custom processes and tools to fit your particular business needs
Working together

Our clients typically choose to engage us in one of two ways:

By project – Basis for a project-based engagement is a detailed written proposal, including Objectives, Approach and Work plan, Deliverables, Team, Timeline, and Fees. We bill on a time-and-materials basis and usually quote a fixed price for a project. Our rates depend on the kind of work, scope of assignment, location, and which individuals are involved.

Retainer – If ongoing support is needed or management wants to have access to our partners on an ad-hoc basis, we are happy to structure a retainer arrangement. Fees depend on level of involvement and expected time spent.

Please call us if you need other arrangements, such as Interim Management solutions.

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