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Understanding effective pricing and the processes that get you there, are critical skills for any organization



To get your organization quickly “up to speed” on pricing, we offer a series of 1- and 2-day workshops. During these workshops we not just “teach” pricing but make it relevant to the issues facing your organization.

We offer two types of workshops: Topic-based workshops and Custom workshops, which are built abound your particular pricing needs.

Topic-based Workshops

These cover pricing topics that we have found in our work as being critical to success of any company and will answer the key questions facing management. The workshops include:

Fundamentals of Pricing Strategy Development – Covers all elements you need to develop a successful price strategy (see Our Process). Some of the questions that will be addressed:

  • What is the strategy required for a product or the set of products offered to a market?
  • How many tariff elements are there?
  • How do the tariff elements relate?
  • How should price levels relate?
  • What drives price levels and pressures?
  • What are the most effective tactics?
  • How to increase retention?

Leading-Edge Introductory Pricing – Covers what price structures and levels are appropriate to companies offering a new product/service, or a re-launch of an existing product/service.

The Science of Bundle Pricing– Examines how to develop and price effective bundles. In-depth tutorial of how to apply our proprietary methodology, with real-life examples.

Form Follows Function: Organizational Design of Pricing Processes and Responsibilities – Shows how to define processes and create an effective pricing organization.

International Pricing – Teaches how to develop the right pricing strategy, processes, and tools to succeed in foreign markets. Also shows examples of tools that have been used effectively by global organizations.


Custom Workshops

We will design custom-tailored workshops to fit the particular needs of your organization.

Central to these workshops is that we work with your team to achieve the following workshop objectives.

  • Uncover and crystallize your team’s pricing challenges.
  • Discuss potential approaches and solutions based on best practices and Abbey Road’s broad experience.
  • Identify information gaps for further research and analysis.
  • Identify next steps and establish priorities, including roles/responsibilities.
  • Instill an action-oriented perspective moving towards decisions that effect change.

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